Inclusive Music Through Technology


What we do

OmniMusic uses specialist technology to make it possible for disabled pupils and students to be fully involved in writing, producing and performing music.

We run inclusive music-making workshops in schools and colleges, working with disabled and non-disabled students, one-to-one or in groups as large as 30 or more.

We produce and run performances inside and outside schools and colleges, using assistive music technology to give disabled young people the opportunity to experience the sense of achievement when performing their own music in front of audiences.

The assistive technology is a means to an end. The end is to ensure that disabled young people can write and perform their own music. As well as working with students who have physical disabilities, we find that the technology can be of great benefit for those with learning difficulties.


We train people who wish to use assistive music technology and, more importantly, how to use that technology in creative music making.

If your school or college wishes to invest in this technology we can advise on what equipment to buy and where to buy it. The aim is to help your institution to become self-sufficient in this approach to inclusive music making.

The technology

We use different types of technology to create an accessible music making environment. The technology includes Assistive and Alternative Communication technology (AAC), assistive music technology, (for example SoundBeam, Sound Sculpture, E-Scape software, Apollo Ensemble etc), and mainstream music technology hardware and software. We also develop our own technology if we cannot find an 'off the shelf' solution for a particular project.

Making conventional instruments accessible

We have found that some disabled young people prefer the look and feel of 'real' instruments over switches and bits of technology. A unique aspect of what we do is to adapt conventional instruments to work with the switch technology involved. We have our own engineering design and manufacturing workshop which enables us to offer this service.

The people involved in OmniMusic are, at one and the same time, musicians and technologists. In addition, they have extensive experience of using their knowledge and skills in these two areas when working with young people in educational settings.

If you are seeking to enhance your inclusive music provision and think we may be able to help, please contact us on the email below.


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