New instruments and technology

We have a long standing track record in exploring and developing new technology for use in our inclusive music making projects.

Thanks to funding received throughout 2021, we were able to purchase over £9,000 worth of new assistive technology including switches, sensors, sound modules and bluetooth connectors. We’ve continued to add to our ever growing collection of innovative technology with the latest in iPad Eye Gaze communication devices and software, and also a Magic Flute!

The Magic Flute is an electronic wind instrument that is played using small movements of the head to control the pitch, and different strengths of breath to control the volume. Here’s Paul, Melland High School’s Multimedia Technician, trying it out at our last Research and Development sharing day:

We’ve recently linked up with Mike Francis, our Solid Works developer, to design and 3D print modified mouthpieces in antibacterial resin, which means we’ve got enough for each participant to have their own!