OmniMusic’s Song Forge group goes to the movies!

Over the last 5 months our Song Forge group at Disability Stockport has been aiming for the movies with their film noir production ‘The Lady From the Train’. With a mixture of location filming around the iconic Underbank area of Stockport, together with green screen production, the film features the two main characters Molly Candy and Charlie Jack. Carrying on from where the Song Forge group left the colourful couple languishing in Llandudno from a previous project, we see Molly Candy taking the train to Stockport to track down a long lost relative, only to encounter someone she hadn’t bargained for! Charlie, thinking Molly’s two-timing him, gets jealous and follows Molly to the dark and dangerous Underbanks!!!!

The group wrote the plot and braved freezing ice and snow to star in the film. When the weather became a bit too challenging they used the green screen production technique to ensure the show went on!! They’ve learned about the genre of film noir together with a few of the basic techniques of film making – storyboarding, cinematography, composition and continuity.

Additionally, using OmniMusic’s specialist assistive music technology they also wrote and played all the music for the film’s soundtrack, including the original songs which feature in the film.

OmniMusic are very lucky to be working with an experienced film maker and media students from Melland High School in Gorton, Manchester who have looked after all the production side of things.

The film is on track to being finished by the end of March 2023, and we’re hoping to have a screening at Disability Stockport for the members of SongForge, their family, friends and other members from Disability Stockport.

A massive thanks to Stockport Garrick Theatre for the loan of costumes and props, to Paul Morgan and students from Melland High School, and to the staff at Disability Stockport for their help and support on the project.

A few production shots from the filming of ‘The Lady from the Train’:

This project has been kindly funded by Stockport Council’s Local Fund.

Stockport Local Fund