Song Forge Re-Booted!

The last week of September saw the culmination of our Song Forge ‘ReBoot’ project. Song Forge is OmniMusic’s advanced music making group, where participants write their own songs and music. We chose the project title ‘ReBoot’ as it was the first proper face-to-face (or ear-to-ear!) project since the worst of the Covid pandemic was over.

For the final week of the project we worked with two groups – the Shaw Centre in North Manchester and Disability Stockport.

At the Shaw Centre we held a day of music making, where participants and carers could get to grips with the specialist technology we use, enabling them to experience the thrill and buzz of making music as part of a band.

At Disability Stockport we ended the ReBoot project with a concert for members and carers of original music created by the participants themselves over the course of the project. These reflected the theme we’d been working on – music from round the world – and saw the Song Forge group well and truly ReBooted!!

The Riverbank

by Song Forge

Thanks to our wonderful partners – fantastic organisations doing highly valued and special work:

And a very special thanks to our funders without whom Song Forge ‘ReBoot’ would simply not have happened:

SCOPS Arts Trust
The Victoria Wood Foundation
The Granada Foundation