Song Forge ReBoot!

Today’s workshop with OmniMusic’s Song Forge group saw Robert playing, for the first time, an instrument known as ‘The Magic Flute’ we recently purchased from ‘My Breath, My Music’ in Holland (

As its name implies, this is an electronic instrument which is played through a combination of blowing and head movements to make wonderfully expressive music. Robert loves the flute anyway and here’re a couple of pictures of his first experience of playing the Magic Flute:

The mouthpiece as supplied had been 3D printed and we thought we could make a better job of it! It would also be beneficial to have several mouthpieces so each of our participants could have their own one. One important aspect of OmniMusic’ work is technology development and innovation and as such we have contacts with all sorts of amazing inventive folk! Mike Francis, a great friend of OmniMusic, is an expert in 3D modelling and 3D printing. He took the original stl file (the file format which 3D printers use), refined it somewhat and printed it using an anti-bacterial resin he somehow tracked down after a fair amount of research. Here’s an example of the finished mouthpiece – a super quality piece of work in a very useful material in these post-covid times!! A million thanks Mike!!

With thanks to our funders:

SCOPS Arts Trust
The Victoria Wood Foundation
The Granada Foundation