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OmniMusic Sound Bytes project

Working with Members from Disability Stockport we got together in September 2019 with the sole aim of writing some new original music and songs

Creating and performing new imaginative music is something we love to do at OmniMusic! After a few workshops of ‘jamming’, as we call it, we hit on the idea of writing some songs inspired by a musical trip around the world. As our base in Stockport we use for rehearsals and performances also has a well equipped kitchen, we thought it’d be fun for the audience at the final performance to sample culinary delights to accompany the musical morsels served up to them – the idea being that each dish would be from the country represented by each piece of music. And as we use a lot of digital technology in our music making, we thought the project name ‘Sound Bytes’ to be most apt, albeit at the risk of being a bit ‘corny’, if not outright ‘cheesy’!!

Anyway, we planned on the performance being in June 2020 and had ‘musically’ visited Brazil, Nigeria, England and India by March 2020 – which brought the first Covid lockdown and a curtailment to our face-to-face workshops. However, in our current weekly remote music workshops we’ve been re-visiting the pieces we’ve written up to now, with participants joining over the internet – including playing solos on the specialist assistive technology we’ve installed in some of their homes.

Hopefully we might be able to get back with some face-to-face workshops later this year. In the meantime here are some pictures from the sessions in early 2020 to remind us of what fun they are!!  Some of these were taken during the workshops where we were introducing our musicians to some instruments used in classical Indian music. At OmniMusic we’re keen to use real instruments alongside the technology if we can as there’s nothing like hearing an acoustic instrument and feel it vibrate as it’s being played. Very often we sample (record) the instrument and put the sound on a switch or other such trigger. We find that our participants love to see and hold the real instruments the sound of which they’re actually controlling in the music they’re making.