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Participant from The Heatons School, 2021. Photo credit: Rachel Bywater Photography

Carly* has Cerebral Palsy. She can easily switch off in group activities if she is not stimulated due to her visual impairment. She will sit very quietly and compliantly, however, disengaged. 

It was clear that Carly thoroughly enjoyed the OmniMusic workshops. This was shown through her engagement: waving her arms in the air, smiling, and shouting ‘yeah!’. She liked to use the midi switch controller and showed very good hand control and coordination when using it. She enjoyed listening to the sounds she was creating, showing good awareness of the cause and effect of what she was controlling.  

Carly got a lot of pleasure from this project. Making music as a group in an accessible way enabled her to feel included and very much part of the project. Participant, 2021

* Names have been changed

“OmniMusic’s specialists made it possible for disabled young people to perform ambitious music programmes live to very appreciative audiences.”

Barney Stevenson, Artistic Director, Marsden Jazz Festival

“OmniMusic means the world to me because I have always wanted to be in a music group’’

Participant from Stockport, 2018

Participant from Stockport, 2022. Photo credit: Rachel Bywater Photography

Leona* was taking part in the interactive music making workshop using assistive music technology and composing new music. The intended outcome was to turn their creative writing into music. 

Writing the songs has given them a chance to explore their thoughts and express the impact that Covid and lockdown had on them and how important it is to have somewhere that they can come to socialise among their own peer group. 

Leona is usually very reluctant to join in with new projects and is quite shy. When given the opportunity to play instruments and put sound to their words to make a song Leona was very happy to join (once they had observed for a short while).

Leona is very passionate about writing so they were aware that this would be a perfect opportunity to stretch their skills and show their talents to friends and family. 

There was a huge improvement in Leona’s mood. They concentrated and listened to the musicians from OmniMusic, taking advice on how best to play instruments.

Leona likes other people to hear their work and turning their words into music has been a fantastic new opportunity. Participant, 2021

* Names have been changed

“I enjoyed the music making sessions. I enjoyed learning new songs and singing with my friends at the centre.”

Participant from North Manchester, 2021

“OmniMusic’s workshops are Bryan’s only point of creative outlet and interaction with likeminded people.”

Family member of participant from Stockport, 2020