The Lady from the Train

OmniMusic’s advanced music making group ‘Song Forge’ has finally finished its blockbuster film “The Lady from the Train”. Made along the lines of a Film Noir genre, it had its first showing – to great acclaim – at Disability Stockport to the families and friends of the stars!

With a mixture of location filming around the iconic Underbank area of Stockport, together with green screen production, the film features the two main characters Molly Candy and Charlie Jack. Carrying on from where the Song Forge group left the colourful couple languishing in Llandudno from a previous project, we see Molly Candy taking the train to Stockport to track down a long lost relative, only to encounter someone she hadn’t bargained for! Charlie, thinking Molly’s two-timing him, gets jealous and follows Molly to the dark and dangerous Underbanks!!!!

The members of our Song Forge group wrote the plot, the songs and the music and starred in the film. The technical side of the filming was very capably managed by the Media Crew from Melland High School in Gorton, Manchester under the expert guidance of the school’s technical and creative guru Mr Paul Morgan. Being shot over the winter months, (in other words, being Stockport, that’s any time other than July!!), the ice, rain, snow, sleet, gales, stair rods etc meant that quite a bit of the filming had to be done indoors using the very clever ‘green screen’ production technique. This is where the actors act against a uniform green background and then the ‘green bits’ are taken out in some specialist software to be replaced with the background from the desired ‘real’ location – without the rain!!

So, make yourself comfortable, get out the ice cream tubs and let OmniMusic’s Song Forge group forget your everyday woes and immerse yourself in the world of “The Lady from the Train”!