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The technology we use

Our tutors support participants to use a variety of technology to explore sounds, rhythms and melodies in our inclusive music making workshops

Apollo software and hardware

Apollo software is great for using in music workshops. It’s very quick to use and highly flexible and  can be made to do most things – short of making tea and toast, and it may well be able to do that in the near future!

Midi Creator

The Midi Creator is a great piece of kit we’ve used for years but is now sadly no longer made. It was originally designed by Phil Bates of the York Electronic Centre.


The Soundbeam converts movement into music. We could also call it a ‘movement to midi convertor’ or even a ‘gestural synthesiser’! It really is a fantastic bit of kit and has been a mainstay of our workshops for many years.

Bits and Bobs

We use a few other things in our music making workshops which we’ve included under this section as Bits and Bobs!