Our work within Research and Development is pioneering new ways of making music truly inclusive for everyone.

We’ve spent years experimenting with different pieces of software and music technology through our inclusive music making approach. The people involved in OmniMusic are, at one and the same time, musicians and technologists with extensive experience using their knowledge and skills in these two areas while deliver inclusive music making projects.

Collaboration is important to us at OmniMusic, so we often team up with other musicians and Assistive Technology experts to do some problem solving and creative thinking! We want to keep finding new ways to make music and technology accessible for everyone, ensuring that all of our participants have access to an instrument which suits their needs, is satisfying to play and allows them to express their creativity.

Some people prefer the look and feel of ‘real’ instruments over switches and bits of technology. At OmniMusic, a unique aspect of our work is the ability to adapt acoustic, or conventional instruments to work with the technology involved. We have our own engineering design and manufacturing workshop which enables us to offer this service.

Rachel Bywater

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