Level Up

We’re committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise in Assistive Music Technology, offering training to artists and community musicians, teachers and health and social care staff.

For many years we have been training teachers, community musicians and health and social care staff in the specialist technology we use. We want to help individuals and organisations to become self-sufficient in using inclusive music making and assistive technology, so that the legacy of our projects can live on after our work ends.

An important aspect of our training is to focus on how to use assistive technologies in a creative way. We’re also great advocates of keeping things simple! If a piece of free software or widely available hardware can do what we want, then that’s what we’ll train people to use.

For organisations or individuals who want to invest in the specialist technology needed to become self-sufficient in using inclusive music making, we’re happy to advise on what technology is available, where to buy it any ideas on how to use it.

Training Resources