Switch on Sound

This is our project working with young people in Special Educational Needs and mainstream schools across Stockport and Greater Manchester. Our inclusive music making projects give everyone an opportunity to be creative and enjoy the social aspects of group music making using Assistive Music Technology.

Rachel Bywater

From short taster projects to long term partnerships, we work with young people work in schools to write and perform their own music through a variety of mediums. Working closely with our participants, we’ll create a theme for our music making and often include elements like animation, dance or drama.

We can offer your school a range of project formats, tailored to suit the needs and wants of your pupils. One off taster sessions introduce young people to Assistive Music Technology and how we can make music together in a truly inclusive way; week-long projects allow us to explore a particular topic in greater depth, creating and performing new music; and longer-term residency projects give everyone involved the opportunity to pursue their creative ideas and develop their skills as a musician. Making music as a group encourages young people to form new connections, be creative and express themselves in new ways.

In addition to group music making projects we can also offer bespoke 1:1 musical support sessions, focussing on the musical development of pupils through specialist assistive technology.

Previous projects

1:1 Switch on Sound sessions

Working in partnership with Rachael Moat and The Tub, we’ve worked with The Grange and Melland High Schools in Gorton, developing a year long project offering pupils 1:1 musical support. Using The Tub – a new sensory music making device created by Rachael – pupils spend dedicated time exploring sounds, vibrations and music.